The Seamless Link Covenant is designed to build bridges between PAC and our international workers to create awareness, support and passion for what God is doing overseas.  We entered into this agreement on January 20, 2016.  This is a fairly new approach to missions in the Alliance and we at PAC are excited to do our part.

Chris and Angela Hiebert (along with their 3 children) are currently in the Okanagan and preparing to be sent by the Christian and Missionary Alliance to their new assigment. They are passionate to serve God as a whole family and are eager to build lasting relationships with people in their community to show them the love and impact of Jesus.

As a church family we are encouraged to personally get involved in the life and ministry of the Hiebert family:                            

  • Actively praying for them.
  • Financial support.  Designate your gift on the 'Church Offering Envelope' (Global Advance - Hieberts).

For more details on the Seamless Link Covenant, please contact the church office.