Belong, Believe, Become

Penticton Alliance Church is a gathering of people who, first and foremost, believe.  We believe that God created us in His image, but that sin marred that image.  Thankfully, Jesus came to take care of the sin problem, to "put us back together again."  We can't do it; only Jesus can.  Thus, we believe that He is who He said that He is, and that His sacrifice is able to redeem us, and to restore us to who God dreams for us to be. * Often, people don't choose to believe unless they first belong: are welcomed, are embraced, are loved.  Thus, we focus not only on biblical truth at PAC, but we also emphasize biblical community, something more difficult to find nowadays in our disconnected, me-oriented world.  And, after people belong, and choose to believe, then we become more and more like Jesus ... together.  John Donne once said, "No man is an island."  We live by that principle at PAC.  "Together" is a word you will hear a lot when you hang out with us.  Faith is personal, but the journey called the Christian life is best - and most successfully - accomplished in community.

* Want to know more about Jesus and His gift of eternal life?  Click HERE.