Welcome!  We understand that attending a church, or a new church, might be intimidating or awkward.  We want you to know that, no matter where you're coming from, how long it's been since you last stepped foot through the doors of a church building, or where you are in your spiritual journey, we're pleased to have you join us.  You may have a few questions and we encourage you to peruse the website, as it is contains much of the information you may be looking for (staff, events, ministries, etc.).

Where you can find us... We are located at 197 Brandon Ave. (Just behind the Tim Horton's and north of Walmart).  Our office entrance (Tuesday to Friday) is on the north-east corner of the building, and our main entrance (Sunday morning) is on the south-east corner of the building.  On Sunday mornings, parking can be at a bit of a premium.  Extra parking is available across Brandon Avenue in the Walmart parking lot, or on McKenzie Street, to the north of the church property.

What you can expect when you join us? Our worship gathering begins at 10:00 AM, and usually last for 60 minutes.  We try to approach our gatherings "casually reverent," determining to not let informality or formality get in the way of what God wants to do in our lives.  Our music is eclectic in nature, with contemporary worship songs mixed in with traditional hymns, and everything in between.

When you enter the church building, our aim is to greet you in the foyer by one of our friendly ushers, who can provide you with a weekly bulletin and direct you to the Sanctuary, Children's Ministry Sign-in Desk, library, washrooms, etc. 

What should I wear?  Our church family, on a Sunday morning, dresses casual (flip-flops, shorts and a t-shirt) to formal (ties and dresses) and everything in between.

Will I be expected to give money?  Part-way through our gathering, we take an "offering" (pass the offering bags around).  There is never pressure for anyone to give, especially for those visiting or "checking us out."

What about my kids?  We believe it is important that children receive teaching at their own level, while also including them in worship as part of the church family.  Any child attending our Children's Ministries is required to be registered at the Children's Ministry Sign-In Desk (located in the foyer), prior to the worship time.  We offer an unsupervised baby/crying room.  Official ministries include our Nursery (6 months - 3rd birthday), Preschool (3 years - Kindergarten), and two Elementary classes (Grades 1 -2 and Grades 3 - 5).  Preschool and Elementary children are dismissed during the worship time (usually 10-15 minutes in).  All of our Children's Ministry volunteers are screened and trained in accordance to 'Plan to Protect', our child protection policy.  For more information:  Children's Ministries

We love meeting new people and are excited to meet you!

If you have any further question, please forward them to the church office:

Phone:  250-493-7136

Email:  office@pentictonalliance.org