Welcome to our PAC Kids Ministry page!  Our vision is to disciple kids to have a deep walk with God that as they live their lives they are empowered by the Holy Spirit to shine the light of Jesus in what ever they do and where ever they go.  

Our aim is to ensure a safe, fun, and loving atmosphere where kids learn about God's Word and how to live for Jesus!  

We use Gospel Light curriculum for all classes.  For more information go to  https://www.gospellight.com/inside-gospel-light/ 

If you would like to visit us on a Sunday, here's what you can expect:  

In the foyer is a Welcome Desk where you can meet our enthusiastic Welcome and Sign-in Team.  You will be able to register your children at the desk to participate in any of our classes. You and your kids will all receive wrist bands with corresponding numbers to secure a safe check in/out system.  Only the parent with the sign out wrist band will be able to pick the kids up after class. 

Next, you and your kids will head into the main service for a time of singing and worship together.  Approximately 15- 20 minutes into the main service, the kids will be dismissed to their classes.  One of our ushers or kids ministry volunteers can help you and your child find your way to the classrooms.   

All kids from Preschool age to Grade 5 will come together for a Large Group time where kids will sing, pray, and meet their teachers.  Then all kids are dismissed to their individual classes.  We encourage any parent who would like to stay with their child for the duration of the class to do so.  The comfort of our first time visitors is top priority. 

More information:  All of our volunteers that work with PAC Kids must go through a screening process and are trained in our Plan to Protect policies to ensure the safety of all of our kids.  

We have classes running for all age groups from birth up to Grade 5.  

Nursery (Birth - 3rd Birthday) 

Preschool (3rd Birthday - Kindergarten)

Discipletown Grade 1-2 and Discipletown Grade 3-5

We have an unsupervised Parent Room available for new parents and their babies.  It is a private quiet space that includes a baby change table, and a rocking chair for the comfort of nursing moms.  As well, there is a washroom in the next room for convenience.  There is a speaker system that allows you to hear the worship service while using the room.

We invite you to bring your family to our church to experience God's presence, and love, while enjoying fellowship and community.  

For more information connect with Pastor Karen Linton - Director of Family Ministries.

Contact Person:  Karen Linton