The Women of Life Ministry at Penticton Alliance Church is a ministry that exists to serve the ladies of Penticton Alliance Church and to reach out to the ladies of Penticton and the surrounding area. Currently our Women's Ministry is led by Brenda Taylor. 

Fall-Spring : There are women's bible study groups that meet mid-week in the mornings at the church with many others meeting in homes. 

We are hosting Day Retreats once every 2 months or so that run on a Saturday from 9am-3pm. The Theme for 2023-24 is "Be".

September's theme (Sept 23)  "Be Known and Be Loved"

November's theme (Nov 25)   "Be Faithful"

February's theme (Feb 3)   "Be Strong"

April's theme (April 27)   "Be Still"

Beginning in Septemeber 2024 we will have a new theme for these Day events and they will likely occur September 2024, Feb 2025, May 2025.

Please contact the church office to find out what's actively happening in women's ministry and follow our events pages below.

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For 2023-24, Women of Life Ministry has been hosting Day Retreats that were held  in September and Novemeber 2023, Feb 2024 and will conclude in May 2024. These Day Retreats are held in our church building with testimonies, worship in song, teaching , food, and fun with other ladies. 

Apart from these special events, there are multiple ladies studies available. some meet at the church others meet in homes.  

You can watch the 2023/24 "Be" Ladies Day Retreats below. They are recorded on a phone so the sound will not be great but you will still be able to see and hear music, testimonies and teaching. I hope you are blessed by it!


Be Known and Be Loved Day Retreat Sept 2023

(Recorded on my cell phone so apologies for sound quality)

"Be Faithful" Day Retreat Nov 25, 2023

All speakers have given permission for their stories to be on this website

Be Strong Ladies Day Retreat

Feb. 3, 2024

April "Be Still" Ladies Day Retreat

April 28, 2024